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Options For Her is a women's specialty boutique. Our buyers travel extensively to give the
store its unique mix of designer brands from both Europe and North America.

For over 30 years we have been delivering exceptional fashion, style, quality and service.
Our dedicated staff is the store's greatest asset. They represent personalized service and
dedication to their clients not seen anywhere else.

Come and experience all that Options For Her has to offer.

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October 8th, 2014

Dear David,
I was in the FCP [First Canadian Place] store yesterday intending to look at jewellery and ended up buying an entirely new outfit,  including a necklace, thanks to the talented and professional staff you employ.  I love the clothes and designers you carry, but Rachel, Nargis and Maura make Options a very enjoyable experience each and every time I visit.  
When I came in yesterday, Maura was busy serving a customer and although she came up and said hello, it was clear she was not free to help me right away. Rachel seamlessly stepped in and together with Nargis helped put together a look that was fun and casual. Once Maura was free, she took the time to make sure I was happy with my selection, and helped me find a necklace I love. It was very impressive to see how they work as a team.
There are a multitude of high-end stores in FCP and elsewhere in the city to shop, but  the staff you employ makes Options FCP top of my list. Congratulations on picking such a winning team.
Louise V.

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